Track Free Mesh Door

L shape fixing with 2 fiberglass mesh leaves, easy installation Stop anywhere at will Invisible flat screen reel, sash made from high-definition and high-transparency Japanese fiberglass mesh Patented tank chain with fluorescent design, anti-collision, smooth and wear-resistant Easy to install with new screw-free installation system in 5-10 minutes

Max size

Single leaf: W2000*H3000 Double Leaf: W4000*H3000

Concealed Retractable Screens/ Doors

Easy installation take up little space Gauze consealed in the trunk poses no vision obstacles Korean buckle accessories, smoother opening and closing, noise reduction Three otions for installation: up and down; single slide; double slide. Standard Italian fiberglass mesh, good mosquito repellent effect It can be upgraded to Japan’s 48-mesh high-permeability gauze to achieve a completely invisible effect.

Max size

Single leaf: W1400*H3000 Double Leaf: W2600*H3000