Project Management

Our project coordinators and managers have years of experience working on complex structured facade projects. They bear proficient technical know-how and excellent managerial skills to oversee all scope and phases of a facade project.

Progress Control

The progress control of a facade project is a robust and systematic managerial process. We understand all factors affecting the progress, such as deviation of concrete/steel structures, displacement of embedment, and the baseline not defined etc. These require in-time coordination among the all parties. We prepare the schedule of design and supply as per the overall construction schedule provided by our client. The process of implementing the schedule is to test the predictability of the project schedule. The dynamic inspection during the implementation of the schedule is very important. The purpose of the inspection is to find the loopholes, mistakes and factors affecting the key work during the implementation of the plan, so as to correct, improve and adjust the project schedule.

Quality Control

The quality control of the facade project is to meet the industry or normative acceptance standards and meet the quality goals set by the owner or client. Project quality control is the core of project management and runs through the entire project construction cycle. There are 3 aspects of project quality control, namely pre-control, in-process control and post-control. Pre-control is about drawing review, preparation of construction plan, disclosure of design drawings, quality inspection and acceptance of incoming materials, technical disclosure, etc.; in-process control includes team self-inspection, mutual inspection, process handover inspection, random inspection and regular comprehensive inspection, inspection and acceptance of hidden works, process quality inspection and review of rectification results, etc.; post-control includes preparation of completion acceptance data, organization of self-inspection and preliminary acceptance, and quality assurance according to regulations assessment standards and methods carry out quality assessment for completed subdivision, sub-item or unit projects, organize completion acceptance, project visit and warranty.

Cost Control

Facade structural types, component forms, main materials, curtain wall height/wind load/grid size, and facade works of other contractors these 5 aspects affect the cost of curtain walls. These influencing factors are the key objects for cost control of curtain wall projects. In the pre-construction phase, we will provide robust options and actively coordinate with our clients to optimize the facade systems. At the same time, we will fully investigate the relevant materials, discuss and adopt corresponding technical measures and prepare optimization plans. We oftentimes do the best we can to plan cost optimization measures in the engineering and design phase.

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