Logistic Delivery

A well planned and executed logistic delivery contributes greatly to customer satisfaction. Not only we pay extra attention to the planning, designing and execution of a logistic plan, also our project coordinator keep close contact with relevent parties to deliver products safe and sound to our clients.

Especially for international clients, safe and in-time delivery is a major concern. Cost, quality and progress are all affected by how logistic delivery is managed. During pre construction phase, a plan of logistic delivery will be developed, which include packaging pallets/stillage design, cost estimate of packaging materials / shipping and forwarding / customs duty and clearance, flowchart and records. This helps clients understand total cost of imports, which can also be used as quota for budget control.

During the project execution, we have shipping coordinators actively coordinating with sea/airshipping companies to update and find the most proper lines as per your demands.

There are clients who want forwarding to a nomiated place inside their country other than handle customs clearance and inland forwarding completely on their own. No a problem. We can help. Our coordinators work closely with shipping agent and the client offer customs clearance and door to door delivery. Clients simply prepare their forklift and off loading when cargo deliver to their jobsite.

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Logistic Delivery