Profile Entrance Doors

High-strength multi-cavity aluminum profile

  • The door frame and fan frame adopt European standard 6060 T6 high-strength
  • Profiles with a nominal wall thickness of 2.2mm. door panel mining
  • Double 3mm integrated aluminum plate, super impact resistance.

AcousticBarrier Acoustic Noise Isolation Technology

  • Door panels made of composite sound-absorbing and flame-retardant materials
  • + Automotive Grade EPDM Sealing Silencer Tape + High sound insulation and sound insulation cotton filling profiles to achieve sound insulation and noise reduction.

Commercial-grade face unlock, support mask mode

  • High-security commercial-grade face unlocking supports mask mode for face recognition without taking off the mask, which is convenient and reduces the risk of passive infection.
  • Fingerprint, face, touch, APP various intelligent unlocking, safe and convenient, no worries about forgetting to bring the key.

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