Curtain wall

We developed a portfolio of standardized thermally/non-thermally broken curtain wall systems for low, medium and high-rise buildings, from mullion/transom types, to unitized curtain wall systems.

At LimePro, you can find almost every type of curtain wall solutions for your building development.

Transom/ Mullion

Transom/mullion or stick built curtain wall is a non-load bearing facade system consisting of horizontal and vertical usually jobsite assembled frames mounted to main structure with precast or bolted embeds fixing securely.

Our systems included non thermal/ thermal, hidden/exposed frames with improved sightline and structures to appeal to both aesthetic and functional demands, ideal for storefront framing, low/medium rise buildings.

Hidden frames

Exposed frames

Unitized Curtain Wall

Unitized curtain wall is a non load bearing facade system that is factory assembled in units and site installed to the main structure.

Unitized curtain wall not only allow improved quality within controlled environment and expedited site installation, more importantly, allow more flexible forms of facade as by incorporating sun shades, metal, stone and terracotta claddings, etc.

UCW w/ Metal Cladding

UCW w/ Stone Cladding

UCW w/ Terracotta Cladding

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