American Hung Windows

Our offer of a portfolio of hung windows spans from non-thermally broken to thermally broken single or double hung windows. There are basic design frame depths 65, 83, 100, 108, 118, 128mm with sash options, which is ideal for low-rise residential and high-rise commercial buidlings.

Coming with standard spiral balances from Caldwell, our hung windows are to promise durability, high quality and smooth operations for our clients.

Fold & Hung Windows

Fold & hung windows are most popular form of ventilation for street side stores and factories. Our fold & hung window is 65mm in frame depth with Caldwell hardware.

Smooth operation with guanranteed durability. Single sash weight up to 100kg, which is ideal for large view opening.

Motorized Hung Window

Motorized hung window is an ideal choice for balcony. Up sash is rolled up and down on a mechanical device, which can be manually or electrically operated. Desgined cavity conceals motors and lifting components gives a neat appearance.


  • Sash weight up to 1000kg.
  • Photoelectric sensor stop protect from accidental clamping,
  • Motor tested to function well after 40000 cycles of operation.

If you are interested in any of above products, you may contact us for catalogues or consultation.