Aluminum Casement Windows

We offer high performance thermally broken aluminum casement window systems. Designed frame depths ranging from 55, 65, 75, 80, 85mm provide thermal insulation performance that accomodate various climent zones.

Our delicately developed aluminum casement windows satisfy aesthetic demands with exceptional perfomance for residential and commercial projects.


PA66 thermal break
by Technoform

Co-extruded EPDM gasket no cut-off at corners

Premium hardware holds up to 120kg sash

Cast expansion brackets with sealing groove

Baseless Handles

Opening options

Aluminium Ventilation Vent

Ventilation vent is an ideal choice for extra large view windows. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows are the embellishment of high-end life and the new trend of people’s pursuit of quality life. It can maximize the lighting area and allow air convection at the same time, with a highly designed appearance.

There are 65mm and 85mm designed frame depth thermally broken for superior performance.

Aluminium Parallel-open Windows

Parallel openning windows are a commonly used design element in modern buildings. The opening sash is parallel to the facade ensuring the smoothness. The more concise window frame design brings more room for aesthectic imagination.

Supported by Germany made hinges, it holds up to 200kg of sash so you can have a panoramic view. Multi-point locking and high-strength glass guardrails provide you safety and overall performace. Manual and motorized opening is available as per client’s request.

Aluminium Tilt & Slide Windows

Tilt & turn windows meet people’s needs for a comfortable life. When tilting, there will be no direct wind blowing from outside. You don’t have to worry about rain entering the room in rainy days or window sash falling apart during typhoon. When side sliding, it does not occupy indoor space and achieves large-area ventilation and viewing effects. There is multi-locking system guanrantees excellent watertight and airtight performance. Sash weight up to 130kg.